Aqueous Wood Coating for Commercial Applications
Your concern for the protection and preservation of the natural environment continues to be important to us. That's why Knight Chemicals introduced the environmentally innovative Organiclear TM5-FT premium wood coating system. It beautifies and protects new log homes for years of maintenance-free, peaceful living. The unique TM5-FT formula is aqueous (water-based) and specially formulated for fresh cut unseasoned new wood. Organiclear TM5-FT deeply permeates into the wood fibers and pores by combining with the natural moisture found in wood and using it as the conduit for deep penetration. Organiclear TM5-FT actually becomes part of the wood itself!

In addition, exceptional weatherproofing protection is provided by Organiclear's MOISTURE GUARD™ barrier that repels rain and snow with longer-lasting oils, resins and waxes, creating a network of protected wood fibers deep in the wood itself. And that's not all! TM5-FT performance effectively shields against ultraviolet (UV) discoloration and wind erosion. The penetration solution will prevent wood from cracking or peeling. Wood is allowed to "breathe" so that any excess moisture in the wood can escape naturally. For immediate, cost-effective protection of fresh lumber, logs and timber as well as dry wood, trust the TM5-FT aqueous-based treatment from the Organiclear™ Family of Premium Wood Coatings and Finishes.

For handcrafted or machined logs and timber, use Organiclear™ TM-5FT wood coatings to protect newly debarked (green) logs and timber during processing, storage and delivery. Knight Chemicals LLC's special one-coat water based formulation penetrates deep into the interior of green wood. Optimal protection is afforded against discoloration from UV rays.


TM-5FT offers similar features as our ready-to-use TM-5 finish, but it is formulated as a water-dilutable material for maximum cost efficiency and economy in commercial use.
  • Penetrates Wood Regardless of Moisture Content
  • One-coat Protection
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Shield
  • Clean Air Blend
  • Soap and Water Clean-up
  • Wood Breathes Naturally
  • Accepts Top-Coat of Stain & Sealants

Preparation Guidelines

Sawmill and Diptank Users

TM5-FT is specifically formulated to be effective on freshly cut, newly debarked wood. Treatment should be applied immediately (within 24 hours) to protect logs from deterioration and damage that can occur from UV rays, rain and moisture during storage and processing.
Dillution Instructions
Organiclear's™ TM-5FT for commercial use is packaged as a water dilutable treatment. The suggested dilution is two (2) parts water to one (1) part Organiclear™ TM-5FT (2:1). Sawmills and exporters who require greater protection may require less dilution. Refer to product label for dilution instructions.
Apply between the temperatures of 50°F and 80°F. Do not apply when hot, wet or windy weather conditions are expected within 36 hours. Always wait for moisture to dry before application.
Clean Surface
Wood should be clean and dry, unpainted and free of all loose debris including loose bark, sawdust, mud, etc. All upward-facing checks and splits in the wood surface should be filled with an exterior wood filler. Any unwanted stains, mildew, fungi or pre-weathering should be cleaned first with a power washer using one quart household bleach, one gallon of water and one pound of TSP-90 (available at your local hardware store) or non-ammoniated detergent. Rinse off completely and allow to dry.


Dipping Instructions
Carefully empty TM-5FT into the diptank. Add the total amount of water at the proper ratio (2:1 or less). Logs or lumber should be totally immersed to ensure that all wood surfaces are completely treated. For best results, soak lumber for five minutes or longer for each inch of thickness.
Drying Time
Allow 12-24 hours for drying, depending upon the temperature and humidity.

Log Home Care & Maintenance

For cleaning of walls, use brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner. For marks, use mild soap or detergent for cleaning. Do not use abrasive cleaners, solvents, or lacquer thinners. Many factors can control the life expectancy of an interior wood finish. When the interior needs refinishing, completely sand the surface, vacuum all dust off the logs and apply one coat of IWF.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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