At Knight Chemicals, we are chemical professionals dedicated to the development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of a wide variety of premium chemical products for all of your deicing and snow melting needs. We also offer a variety of premium wood coatings, stains, seals, finishes and water repellents for log home owners & professionals. Our staff is incredibly knowledgeable and will provide unmatched customer service on any of our products. We look forward to working with you to meet and exceed all of your premium chemical supply needs. Please feel free to contact us for additional information on any of our products or services.

Snow & Ice Melting Products

SnoMelt Instant Ice Melter
Road Crew Ice Melting Products
SnoMelt™ calcium chloride pellets instantly generate heat on contact with ice and snow to speed up the deicing and melting process.
Road Crew™ crystals start melting ice and snow instantly on contact. This creates a brine that breaks the bond of ice and keeps melting to -15°F.
MAG Ice Control Products
Walk Safe for Pets
MAG® is a magnesium chloride-based high-performance ice melter that is safe for concrete, people, pets and the environment.
Walk Safe for Pets is a salt-free concentrate that is fast acting, long lasting and safe for your pets and family.
ComboTherm Commercial Strength Blended Deicer
USOL Ice Control Rock Salt
ComboTherm™ is a commercial strength blended deicer is effective to -25°F, making it the highest performing blend on the market.
Sodium chloride rock salt is the most economical and commonly used ice melter on the market today, offering performance down to +20°F.
Organiclear™ offers log home owners & professionals a variety of premium wood coatings, stains, finishes and water repellents for first time application, restoration and preventative maintenance projects.
Organiclear WR-Series premium wood stain & seal for log homes.
The WR-Series is a premium, oil-based exterior wood coating system that restores, preserves and enhances the natural beauty of your new or existing log home.
Organiclear TM-Series premium wood stain & seal for log homes.
The TM-Series aqueous wood coating system beautifies and protects new log homes for years of maintenance-free, peaceful living.
Organiclear Interior Wood Finish for log homes.
The IWF-Series is an oil-based interior wood finish that is specially-formulated to enhance, protect and prolong the beauty of indoor wood surfaces.

Calcium Chloride Flake & Liquid Solutions

Knight Chemicals
Calcium chloride solutions are a popular choice for ice melting, dust control, concrete acceleration, tire-weighting and more. LiquiDow™ Calcium Chloride is a highly versatile liquid deicing solution that is ideal for larger projects. We also offer Calcium Chloride Flake solutions for your smaller deicing needs.
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